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FOLUKÉ-JATA (Jeffrey and the Artists), DETROIT, MI

Until recently, Foluké Cultural Arts Center has been an organization operating solely out of Cleveland, OH. Foluké has blessed to be able to further their mission in another city where there is a need for family oriented alternatives to negative behaviors, through training in the discipline of the performing arts. Foluké now encompasses a Detroit based dance company, Jeffrey & The Artists (JATA). It was founded in 2011 by the late Scott Jeffrey Bartell; a Detroit, Michigan native and graduate of Renaissance High School (2004) and University of the Arts (2008). JATA is an Urban-Contemporary company under the Artistic Direction of Lauren Taylor, a Lakewood, Ohio native. Jeffrey & The Artists Dance Company was restructured in March 2014, after the untimely death of its founder Scott Jeffrey Bartell in December 2012. It is comprised of six company members and two apprentice dancers. JATA has already performed across the Detroit Metropolitan area, and will continue to expand to other performance venues in various cities.

The goal of Foluké, Jeffrey & The Artists (JATA) is to: • Offer quality dance instruction through classes, workshops, and repertory programs taught by master teachers and world renowned performers and • Create professional performance opportunities so that students/participants may actively participate in the world of performing arts and showcase their artistic talents.

Vision and Accomplishments:
Foluké Cultural ARTS has reached a host of communities through the art form of dance.  A collaborative theatrical performance of Children, You and Adult Cast Members entertained a joyous audience in the Greater Cleveland Area.  In addition, Foluké JATA had the extreme privilege of presenting dance works to world renown dance conferences such as IABD (International Association of Blacks in Dance), and local venues in the Detroit Metropolitan area.  Captivating audiences of all social economic backgrounds, through portrayal of real life changing scenarios, this organization put forth the goal of taking children, youth and adults through the art form of dance, and offering an outlet for creativity, expression and discovery of one's self.