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Class Course Descriptions

Dance Styles Offered (Pending enrollment)

Hip Hop - Is a popular high energy urban class that uses the latest music combined with movement and choreography inspired by today's hottest Hip Hop music videos.

Ballet - Focuses on proper body alignment, flexibility, strength, turnout & extension. The skills developed in ballet are the foundation for all styles and levels of dance.

Contemporary Modern - Is a form of dance integrating ballet, jazz and ethnic dance techniques. Classes focus on developing strong rhythmic connections, isolations, levels and spatial awareness.

R & B - Take your Hip Hop moves to a more controlled and technical level. Using concentrated isolation and various music rhythms, students will learn a smooth Hip Hop based dancing style.

Urban Ballet - Taking Ballet to the Street!! Using Ballet, Jazz and a Hip Hop influence you will train using important techniques and music rhythm. This is an excellent class for choreography & artistic expression.

Lyrical/ Contemporary -  Introduction to dance concepts with focus on technique, movement quality, style, emotion & improvisation. You will learn to create a story by expressing the mood, theme and lyrics of the music.
Liturgical Dance - This style of dance is most closely associated with lyrical and contemporary dance and is also called praise dance.  This class is open to all ages and levels.

Jazz - Based on elements of ballet and modern dance, incorporating syncopation and isolations of the body. Students of all levels work on gaining strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, musicality, and performance skills.

Turns, Leaps, Technique & Stretch - Increase your flexibility and gain important strength and endurance. Dancers will be challenged weekly to learn the importance of body awareness, increased range of motion and proper technique.

Adult Technique& Choreography (Ballet/Modern/Jazz/Lyrical)

Umoja N Motion- This class is a unique fusion of dance techniques from around the world.  It can be taught as a beginner creative movement  to introduce students to the art form of dance or as a base for a performance company repertoire where advanced dancers accepted through audition will learn choreography and utilize dance techniques from around the world to inspire and engage in character building and citizenship.


Class Genre, Theme, and Descriptions


TOTS& TUTUS (18 months - 2.5 years)

This toddler dance class is full of stimulation in sight, touch and sound. Your child will begin to learn terminology and basic dance movements all the while using puppets, musical instruments, props, bubbles, body movement and gross motor skill development games. This class is a wildly interactive introduction to dance for your little one! We keep pace with your child's sense of play as well as their desire to learn. This class is used as a base for the ballet/tap classes. **Adult participation required.


BALLET/TAP (3 & 4 year olds)

At this age, dance should be about learning to nurture creativity in movement. Developing coordination and promoting self-esteem, combined with learning basic positions and terminology. This class offers the building blocks for a wildly creative dance curriculum. Through strong dancing, weekly themes, and the use of hundreds of props and costumes Creation Station Ballet/Tap Classes become a magical dance experience for every child!


BALLET/TAP (5-8 years old)

Once a child has reached this age, we will begin to incorporate more elements of traditional ballet technique. Developing strength, balance, coordination and flexibility, your child will start to learn proper body alignment, as well as barre, and center floor exercises. This class will challenge the students both mentally and physically, yet still keep that sense of creativity. At this stage, your child will be asked to wear appropriate ballet attire including hair tied away from their face. This creates an environment free from distractions and enables the students to feel like true dancers!


HIP HOP (5-8, 9 -12, and 13 - 18 year olds)

Hip Hop is an explosive, funky dance style that combines memory, coordination, rhythm games, and loads of energetic FUN! Come learn the latest dance moves by combining fast paced rhythms and movement exercises. Your child will get an AWESOME workout without realizing they are breaking a sweat! We will choreograph routines and learn the fundamentals of this funky dance style without sacrificing the joy of dance or the thrill of being a "hip" kid!



These classes are a combination of ballet, jazz, and modern dance in which the student's primary objective is to tell a story or convey emotions with their body. These classes begin with an alternating barre/center warm-up and are followed by technique/turns/jumps, across the floor, Floor work, and choreography. Children will start to learn how to "story dance" in this wonderfully creative movement class.


BALLET (6-18 years old)

These ballet classes begin with training at the barre to practice proper body placement, warm and strengthen muscles, and build technique that is brought to the center. In the center, dancers work on adagio (slow, controlled movements that combine strength and flexibility), petit allegro (small, quick jumps that build speed and ease of motion), allegro (more dramatic movements that are a natural extension of petit allegro), and grand allegro (large, spectacular steps that use a combination of skills learned throughout class). In our intermediate and advanced level classes, strength and flexibility training are incorporated to supplement technique.


BOYS DANCE (6 - 18 years old)

Various styles of jazz and stage movement will be explored as well as focus on alignment, turnout, flexibility, strength, coordination, turns and jumps utilizing traditional ballet vocabulary.



BEGINNING THEATER (5 - 11 years old)
By using theater games and improvisation students will learn basic theater skills in a supportive, creative, and fund environment. 
INTERMEDIATE THEATER (12 - 18 years old)
Students will work on monologues while learning how to analyze a script, identify a character's problems and solve those problems.  Advance Theater games are sued to deepen basic skills.
DRUMMING (4 - 18 years old)
The drumming classes explore the elements of musical techniques within African drumming including understanding poly-rhythms, composition, melody, harmony-tones, pitches, basses, improvisations and arrangements.  Tis class introduces the role of music within African culture.  Learners use drumming as an instrument of self-expression through traditional rhythms building self-confidence and discipline.  
DIVAS (Developing Inner Values to Achieve Success): Involves teaching student etiquette – the fundamental more on which a progressive society is built.  DIVAS participants also explore themselves in “The Me Behind The Mast” workshops.  Both boys and girls learn presence, poise, and panache through learning the social graces.  They learn handicraft skills such as sewing, tie/dye, batik and cooking.  Both genders build their physicality and health through ballroom and African dancing.


Every student has the opportunity to perform in our annual stage presentation.  Our stage presentation is open to, any and all Foluke Students who wish to participate, Foluke Instructors, Foluke-JATA, our dance company from Detroit, and Greater Cleveland area students that join us through open auditions.