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The Foluké Cultural Arts Center (FCAC) is Committed to:
  • Building self-esteem, discipline and a drive for excellence among at-risk children and youth through dance, drama and voice training, and arts education;
  • Providing professional performance opportunities for program participants, and
  • Enhancing an appreciation for cultural an ethnic diversity.

FCAC helps children develop critical life skills such as commitment, follow-through, and teamwork. It^s current goals are to:

  • Make dance education available and affordable in "under-served" communities, where access to this type of training is limited or non-existent;
  • Involve parent, educators, professional artists, and the community in the lives of the children and youth through arts education;
  • Offer quality dance instruction through classes, workshops and repertory programs taught by master teachers and world renowned performers;
  • Create professional performance opportunities so that students may actively participate in the world of performing arts, and showcase their artistic talents, and
  • Provide at-risk youth with life skills, discipline, resilience, and self-reliance.

What started out in 1996 as a dance ministry in Lane Metropolitan CME Church, a church in Cleveland Ohio^s Cedar/Central Area, has evolved into the community-based Foluké Cultural Arts Center, a haven for at-risk youth. Youth who have never participated in the performing arts have suddenly experienced the thrill, excitement, and sense of accomplishment, leading up to performance day. For many, it has become a turning point in their lives. Art as a weapon against poverty, racism and discrimination is the concept that the Foluké Cultural Arts Center is based upon. It is a godsend for youth who have limited opportunity for expression and inquiry, and offers startling results for those considered at-risk.

The Components of the Foluké Cultural Arts Center are Dance, Drama, African Drumming, Music Classes (vocal and instrumental), and Stage Production and Management. These arts disciplines are combined and presented by the Foluké Cultural Arts Center participants, in semi-annual productions at Cuyahoga Community College. The dance, drama and music activities are designed to allow youth to express their inner most feelings through creative and expressive interpretation. The Stage Production/Management activity is geared to exposing youth and teens to performing arts trades, and giving them a practical "hands-on" experience by working closely with union trade workers and theatre management.

The impact of arts education is impressive and well documented. Research has shown that the arts, are a necessary part of an education that will held our children become successful adults. In studies completed by the Association for the Advancement of Arts Education (AAAE) they found nearly 400 studies in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts that provided compelling evidence that the arts are necessary at all grade levels for many aspects of students^ success in school and in life, as well as in their careers.

These programs and studies demonstrate that:

  • Not only are the arts fun for children, they help keep children in school and working to learn;
  • Not only do the arts require self-discipline, creativity, and confidence to succeed, but these and other important habits stay with students and help them succeed, in other areas of school, life, and work;
  • Not only do the arts represent many ways of experiencing and understanding the world, but they actually help develop the many types of intelligences that all people possess and use all the time;
  • Not only do the arts remove boundaries and allow students to explore aspects of life around them in new ways, but connecting the arts with other disciplines like math, reading and writing, or science often helps students learn about, comprehend, and value those disciplines as well.

In short, the arts are as much a part of a child^s development and success as they are a part of the successful and enlightened society.